The Vanishing star

Is it alien or maybe a dead star or maybe its just hidden, will we ever no? With the distance the light has to travel and the time it takes to get to us, it could be gone completely. Surely they can work it out considering the technology we have these days.DSC_1815.jpg

Science alert

Vanishing stars that ‘disappear’ suddenly from the night sky without any scientific explanation could help us find extraterrestrial life. Researchers in Sweden have  already identified a possible ‘vanishing’ star and while they’re not sure what made it disappear from the view of telescopes just yet, the absence of any astrophysical explanation means extraterrestrial intervention cant be ruled out. Stars coming and going are a part of the natural flow of the universe (our own sun has a few billion years of life left) but by studying space surveys taken just a few years apart, the team wants to see if any stars in unusual ways. (Reference David Nield,  Smit/, 10th July 2016)


 BBC news

Astronomers at the University of St Andrews have observed a tantalizing glimpse of how our own planet may have been born, they did it by watching the longest, deepest eclipse of the youngest star ever seen. It suggests planets are not born slowly but emerge relatively quickly and violently. (reference: Kenneth Macdonald BBC news, 8th September 2016). 

Final thoughts

I guess everyone has their own opinion on what it could be, I’d like to think we are not alone in this huge universe maybe one day the truth will come out, but until then lets hope we never stop looking. What would the consequence’s be if something was found, would even be told as a collective of human’s shouldn’t we be told, isn’t it in the best interests to be honest to the people that you govern. With all the conspiracy theories and people that worked on sites like area 51 and NASA wanting to speak up, why are they not aloud what is so secretive what are they hiding? Do they have the right to hide information from us? You decide.

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