My Evaluation

I used the Dr Who clip for my Foley sound experiment, it was different to what everyone else was doing. I wasn’t too happy at first only having two days to prepare as I like to give 100%, it also stressed me as I don’t like being center of attention and I like to have routine. 

The props I used worked well but I think they could’ve worked better. The steel wool gave me the sound I wanted for sand, which was used in the powering up of the time machine. There was a grinding noise which was very hard to do, so I used two whisk handles it could’ve been a lot better. I used my sons laser gun to create the sound of the machines (sci-fi) sound which also worked really well and it was perfect for the job. There was also a humming noise, as I didn’t have access to editing software, which would be impossible to do without it. I used a plastic bag as i thought it would give me the boom sound I needed but it didn’t work, it was more of a wheezing noise.

I was the only one working on the Dr Who Clip, so I had Lewis to help with the sand noise while I done the rest, which helped me very much. The main purpose of the experiment was to create the sounds for the chosen clip because that is what Foley is and its still used today in 2016

For the first try I think it worked OK, but I no I could of done a lot better with more practice. My Thoughts on the senses section of the course i didn’t really like as I didn’t get many of work to do with this section. the meaning of colours was the worst part.

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