My two chosen photographers (Part 1)

These four images represent how i like to work, its the results of the inspiration i get from my chosen photographers.

Skills photographers need

An eye for what looks different (who wants to be the same as everyone else). Knowledge of their chosen equipment, be professional at all times and i think you need a hunger to learn your trade to the best of your ability.

Techniques used

Landscape     Portraits     Depth of field     Shutter speed     Rules of third     Framing     Aperture      Leading lines     The exposure triangle     Auto/manual     Primes/zoom      high key black and white

How i use these skills and techniques

I use many of these, i like to do things differently like light painting and steel wool spinning. To me focusing on the eyes is as important as having a working working camera, but then sometimes i brake my own rules if i see something that will work for me. there are areas within photography that i could learn more from, such as ways to pose children and working with parents to make the process work more smoothly When it comes to auto manual, it really depends on what level you are at, by all means if you are just starting out then use auto learn how your camera works then gradually start changing to manual. But then auto does come in handy when working in dark situations. most people i know take pictures to try and impress other people, when i take a picture its because i’ve seen something that looks good to me, if i share my pictures its not because i think you will like them (i really don’t care if people dont like them), its because i want to share my vision, my view on how i see the world around me. If i’m working for a client its my job to tell them what works and doesn’t as that is why they have chosen me to take their pictures.

Zack Arias

My First choice is Zack Arias, he is a photographer from Atlanta GA, his style is simple, bold classic and true. His greatest talents are being able to mix with any class of people and get nervous subjects to relax in front of his camera. I first saw Zack on YouTube on Digital-rev TV (the cheap camera challenge) it was there that i noticed how much attention he pays to detail, i then started watch his channel (just type in Zack Arias) the first video you need to watch is (Photographer Zack Arias takes a trip to Mumbai with the x-pro1. His work is brilliant the use of lines and lights in his work is much like my way of working. I like the way he uses isolation in his pictures even if there is a lot going on in some of his pictures, you can see there is a sense of isolation within the picture. 



(The cinema picture) is a technique i like to use myself. I like to use a honeycomb fliter on the front of my flash so it directs the light to where i want it to go.


His style is definitely people orientated with street photography and his portraits.


Zack Arias blogs too about many different things, but one thing you notice straight away is that he has worked with soooo many people on so many different projects. He takes pictures mainly of people, it seems weather they are natural shots or just studio shots that they seem to help the image in some way weather its meant or not. The way he works is pretty much how i like to work, by making the most of the subject using light, depth of field or isolation.I feel that i can easily recreate his work, as this is how i work. I do need to improve my communication with my clients.

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