My chosen photographers part 2

Wildlife photographer David Lloyd lives in London. He has an eye for both colour and black and white photography. He also sells a range of photographic prints made to the highest possible standards in limited numbers. He makes a living by hosting photographic safaris in the Maasai mara several times a year, you can photograph Big cat’s or witness the great wildebeast migration or book your very own bespoke private safari. Aswell as his prefered style of black and white, he also prefers the style of fine art.

The wildlife photorgrapher of the years series its inception in 1991 continue to be his biggest inspiration, last year he had the privilege to see his picture A flick of the tail chosen for its cover. His pictures have been published worldwide and his prints adorn the walls of many homes.

And like myself, david processes everything in lightroom to keep everything looking natural as he doesn’t like retouching his work. The best tip he offers is to spent as much time as possible with your subject (all material from Davids blog).

Awards                                                                                                                                                          Wildlife photographer of the year 2011/2012/2014                                                                                 Windland Smith Rice awards natures best 2011/2012/2014                                                                 British wildlife photography awards 2010                                                                                                 African photographic awards 2010

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