Project one (music video)

The pitch


What you need to cover

Price (cost of equipment, crew, props and travel.)                                                                         Staff (what your crews jobs roles are.)                                                                                                 Equipment (what equipment is needed and who is responsible for its safety )                    Duration (length of time needed for the production to be completed)                                     Location (location of places needed to shoot and time of day.)                                                 Costumes/makeup (who is in charge of costumes and makeup.)

The development of the idea

Mind mapslide1

Using a mind map to represent my thoughts of the ideas and concepts, its a structuring tool to help with information, helping me to better analyze, comprehend, synthesize, recall and generate new ideas like targeting my audience.

The band

Following a band from their beginnings to present, my plan is to film this as if it was their first ever gig. The way i would’ve made this is by waiting backstage until they start playing, then slowly start walking out from somewhere backstage in the darkness into the light, filming the audience along the way capturing their reactions. Then from the front of the stage while waiting for the end of the song filming close ups and sweeping shots, as its nears to the end slowly start backing of towards backstage back into darkness.

The dancer

I have a vision in my head of how i want this to work. I have the location, but i cant decide between ballet or contemporary or maybe some street dance. I would like to use all 3 each showing their own interpretation of the same piece of music. It would be set on top of the cliffs an hour before sunset. Having the sunset die out at the end of the production. A mixture of cut scenes from the 3 different dance styles.

Get out of my mind

This is a view of the world how i see it and as many autistic people may feel. My thinking is using a number of people to take part in a time lapse/ hyper lapse to show daily struggles we have to go through each and every day, high lighting what normal people take for granted. Using fades and cut scenes to change perspectives and people.

The final idea

While i like the idea of shooting an actual video of a gig for me that’s not as meaningful as my other two idea, as they have been visions of mine for some time. So as the ballet/contemporary is something that really appeals to me  visually it could be brilliant.

Mood board


How are you going to make the piece

i’m currently researching some different sytles of classical music to use as id

The research plan

Topic- contemporary/ballet                                                                                                                   Background- my background is in photography/video graphics                                             Methods- My normal method of working is to jump in at the deep end and sort any problems as they arise. But with this music video I’m planning everything. Execution                                                                                                                                                          My plan is to get everyone I want evolved to get involved, or I might get someone from college to take part as this way it benefits everyone involved. once filming has finished it would take a few days to finish the edit and to add music.  

what problems could you encounter and how will you solve them?

SWOT analysis                                                                                                                                               One big problem would be the wind as we would be following a trail on the cliffs, we would have safety net numbers. All taking part must have respect for the dangers of the location while having a good time. The terrian was also a problem with wholes and uneven ground. 

The Production

This production has hit a few setbacks in the past 8 weeks, which has had a knock on effect to this production. Although its been very hard to get it underway i believe the music video it self is a good first effort, as you will see in my evaluation i have a few problems with it and my work. All the resources to complete the production i already owned, so getting the equipment together was easy. It didn’t run as smoothly as i wanted it to (more to follow in my evaluation).

Post production

I planned to use two  camera angles but due to being short of time, i haven’t used the second angle in my final edit, i could do a second edit where i use both, so as of now the final video is finished. The only editing used was trimming at the beginning and the end.


My thoughts on my first video are as follows, i could of done alot better than what i have,  i had equipment in my shot as well as my shodow, which i didn’t think about when choosing the location and time of day with the sun being so low, and i also had trouble getting the same exsposure on both camera angles, i think this was due to the different camera models and censor sizes and shooting at opposite sides. The terrian didn’t help as it was very uneven and hard to navigate while filming. Next time i make a video i will have a lot of things to remember which in aiding me to produce a better production. after all my negative thoughts towards my production i do like the video and i am proud to have worked with my talented dancer.

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