Comparison of Little red riding hood and little red riding wolf

Little red riding wolf

Who are the main characters

Little red riding wolf/hood, Granny/ granny wolf, Big bad girl/ big bad wolf, Big bad girl’s father                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Where are the stories set

In the woods in the olden times

what happens in each story

Little red riding girl/wolf are on their way to visit granny/ granny wolf either she is ill or just to deliver food, it depends what version you are watching/ reading. In this version little red riding hood takes on the role of Big bad girl. Big bad girl trips animals over and steals all the wolf’s food that he is taking to granny wolf. Big bad girl tricks little red riding wolf into thinking that she was granny wolf. But then granny wolf comes out of the closet with a huge axe.


Big bad girl is unhappy that her father, who happens to be nice and caring keeps making her wear the hats he makes for her, which she makes little red riding wolf wear aswell as the other animals.

How it ends

Big bad girl runs home promising to be good and helpful, while wearing a night cap. She got a job as a woodcutter

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