The Woodcutter. Media level 2

The woodcutter is in the woods collecting wood, to build a bonfire to celebrate the end of the Wolf, Gran and little red are waiting at margate beach to help build a fire to burn the Wolf. Many people have heard about the upcoming event and are gathering at the beach.

In the mean time there is a signal coming from space, NASA are rushing around trying to find the source, back in margate the wood cutter has finished building the fire, and is getting ready to light it. NASA have not found the origin of the signal, but they know it’s destination.

Just as they are about to light the fire, the spaceship appears above margate beach and fires some sort of light ray at the Wolf, suddenly the Wolf jumps and starts biting people. The woodcutter starts screaming as everyone that was bitten start turning into zombies. Gran is fed up of the woodcutter screaming grabs his axe and starts chopping off zombie heads but there are too many of them. Little red makes a bomb from all their fireworks and accelerant for the fire. Gran tells the woodcutter to take little red and hide, Gran only has a candle left to light the bomb so while chopping  heads and carefully carrying the the bomb into place, soon she realises the lighter won’t work. Gran sees a candle lit 100m away so Gran ran chopping as she goes, grabs the little candle carefully shielding the flame so it doesn’t go out. She makes it back to the bomb and lightsee it, she runs, the bomb goes boom, the Wolf and zombies of margate are dead. Little red picks up some fireworks pointing to the sky and whoosh the fireworks fire towards the spaceship, suddenly it starts backing it looks like they are retreating. Nown the celebrations start.

The task was to make our own story using objects given to us by the tutor, I also brought in a few other like Gran, little red and the Wolf.

The purpose of the task was to see what story we could come up with, with our given rules.

I found this task easy, I like to picture the idea in my head before hand,  so it’s easy when it comes to writing the story.

I didn’t find it difficult as I had it planned in my head.

I’ve learnt to use my imagination more and that I can do anything if I use my head and tools I have.

Being given certain tool/objects to use within my story helps get the imagination going.

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