Cinderella media work level 2

The purpose of this piece of work is to make our own story using characters from classic stories. I have used characters from Cinderella but used there names to name objects not characters.

Act 1

  • Plot
  • Place/setting
  • Time

Act 2

  • purpose
  • Dangers and problems

Act 3

  • plot twist

Act 4

  • Solving the problem
  • Ending

It takes place in the future, instead of having individual characters, I have groups of people and objects.

Two names I’ve used from the classic Cinderella story are

  • Cinderella/ deep space station
  • The twins/ cargo ships

Act 1

Cinderella is a deep space station, situated in obit near the rings of Saturn. Cinderella’s been waiting for a critical piece of technology to help create a base of operations. It had taken 16 months to build Cinderella.

Universal guidance of light years are more commonly known as The twin ships for short. Were built for their strength and speed but lately the twins have been docked waiting in the dead silence of space.

The crew of Cinderella wait in anticipation to get underway on the journey of a lifetime for most people, the destination wasn’t known to the crew, just a set of coordinates and a note from the earth council telling them how important their job is for the survival of the human race.

Act 2

The Captain of the Cinderella recieved a message that the cargo will be arriving shortly. Cargo is now loaded and the Cinderella is now on the move with only the engines making any sort of noise.

Suddenly the whole space station went on high alert idicating a bomb has been detected. The cargo must be the cause, a technition was sent to unload the cargo, upon seeing the device the technition reaslised he wouldnt be able to defuse it. Efforts were made to contact the earth council for an explination with no response. Although its only a small bomb if it went off in the ship the explosion would be so much bigger.

The earth council knew this, it was their plan to blow up the armada. With deceit fuelling the angry crew of the Cinderella they wondered why they would be sent to the edge of the solar system with the bomb, deciding to focus their resources on trying to find what is waiting for them.The earth council not knowing that the Cinderellas crew know about the bomb, they are planning a new era where they are in charge of the known galaxy.

Act 3

The Cinderella has now been on its journey to the coordinates for a month, in that time they have learnt that the bomb has a proximaty sensor on it, and found a faint signal coming from the otherside of pluto but unable to make contact. The Twin ships have been following the Cinderella from the start while staying radio silient.

The Cinderella is on its final leg of their journey, the crew have no clue what would happen so they sent in a scout ship ahead of themselves.

As the armada was waiting for the Cnderella, the crew was suprised when the scout ship was seen on their radars, Suddenly the scout ship lurched to a halt as it was captured in a tractor beam. Ready for action the 4 man team of the scout ship are ready for what ever breaches their ship.

Act 4

Having been breached and surrendering, after explaining that they had all been set up, they join forces to take down the earth council. With their armada no one can stop them.

One thought on “Cinderella media work level 2

  1. You have created an imaginative story line that is complimented by the images you use. All in all you have maintained the integrity of your story and I look forward to seeing the final product.


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