Community day work experience

  • Research Chicken shed theatre company. Chicken shed theatre company is apart of woodshed theatre company started in 1974 in a chicken shed, for everyone who loves theatre. Judi Dench and Trevor Nunn joined as pro-active trustees. some of their services and courses: Make a donation, Events and Challages, voluntering, corporate and trusts and foundations. Studying at chicken shed, Education and outreach workshops, Training courses, young creators and tales training.
  • You will be creating three products for the woodshed theatre company in trimester 3. I plan on making a poster, a short film and usiing my photography as the third way.

The next segment of infomation is taken from (Who are we) on the (chicken shed theatre) website.


Entertaining and thought-provoking

Performance is at the heart of everything that we do and brings together all aspects of the company. Our work uses the stage to celebrate diversity and performance as a vehicle to communicate with audiences and tackle topical social issues. We regularly present original and entertaining productions for young children, families and adults. We also create new work, inspired by the people around us, about personal and social issues that affect society today which we then take on tour to theatres, community centres and schools across the UK. Visit our What’s On section to find out more.


Everyone has a right

Chickenshed changes lives by bringing young people from all social and economic backgrounds, races and abilities together to study creatively alongside each other, many of whom have been marginalised by society and excluded from mainstream educational settings. We welcome over 200 students onto our BTEC, Foundation Degree and BA level programmes every year. 66% of students would not otherwise have the opportunity to study, yet 95% of these same students achieve a nationally recognised qualification at Chickenshed.


Celebrating diversity

We believe that every person who joins our company positively changes the way that we work. We work to every individual’s strengths, finding the creative environment that will enable them to flourish. We hold weekly workshops for over 900 children and young people – providing them with a safe and rewarding environment where they can gain a new-found confidence and have the chance to regularly perform in major in-house productions.


Targeting those who are difficult to reach

Chickenshed has established a network of partners that enables us to effectively target children and young people who would otherwise not be able to access our work. We regularly take our inclusive outreach model on the road, delivering over 15 projects and benefiting over 15,000 young people every year in venues ranging from primary schools and young offender centres, to mainstream and special schools.  Our work engages and educates young people about relevant social issues through the power of performance and active participation in workshops.

‘You must do the show in my primary school because that is when everything bad starts.’
13-year-old boy from a school in London.

We also run Shedlink – an ongoing project that enables us to help community groups set up independent ‘Sheds’ around the UK (and two in Russia!) so that more people can benefit from our ethos and teaching style.

Chickenshed Kensington & Chelsea

Expanding our work to meet growing need

In 2011, we launched our branch in Kensington and Chelsea to bring our work to an area of London polarised between rich and poor. This will ensure even more children and young people can experience the importance of being included and valued; not segregated or rejected. 50% of children in the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea attend independent schools, yet 42% of children in the Borough are from low income families.

Young Creators

Vocational training programme

Young Creators is a professional development programme which launched in 2013, providing young people with access to training and practical work experience in a variety of theatre skills. The programme provides a platform which teaches young people creative skills and arms them with the necessary tools to further their professional development. Each year, up to 165 Young Creators can benefit from the programme.

Awards and nominations

We were nominated in the Best Male category of the Off West End Theatre Awards 2012 for The Rain That Washes and in 2011 we were awarded Winner of Best Theatre Company in the Fringe Report Awards and the Panel Award at The Off West End Theatre Awards.

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