Cinderella a deep space station, situated in orbit near the rings of saturn. Cinderella has been waiting in orbit for a critical piece of technology to help create a forward operating base. it had taken 16 months to build Cinderella, The designer of the deep space station named it Cinderella that because of its beauty and presence.

Universal guildence of light years, the twins for short. What they lack in beauty and presence, they make up for in strengh and speed. Both crews from the twins feel unimportant since Cinderella and her crew have been getting all the important jobs. So naturally there is alot of tension between the crews.

The crew of the Cinderella wait in anticipation to underway on a journey of a lifetime for most people. The destination wasn’t known to the crew, just a set of coordinates and a note from the earth council telling them how important their job is for the survival of the human race.

On the edge of the solar system beyond Pluto there is a armada of ships waiting the arrival of Cinderella and her crew, an ambush is waiting. Back on earth at mission control no one seems to be out of place or suspicious in anyway, mission control is run by the earth council,  Do the earth council no about the awaiting ambush? If they did know what have they sent in transport to the Cinderella?  The twins had docked with Cinderella and departed back to earth.

Moments after the departure of the twins, the package they shipped started making noises, scans show its a bomb of sorts. Knowing this now a small crew was sent to the coordinates to do some recon. The crew from the Cinderella tried contacting the earth council but with their hails being blocked, they decided to keep the bomb it was clearly ment for whatever they would find at them  coordinates. The recon crew was picking something up on their scaners huge in size possibly many ships. The armada having seen them on their own scaners hailed them…………a few moments later after a breif conversation coming to the conclusion that they have both been wronged by the earth council, they will now worked together. Now with the Cinderella up to speed with the situation, and awaiting the arrival of the armada and the recon crew to decide what the next step will be.


This part of my work is different from the short powerpoint presentation as i cant fit this into a small presentation so just little snippits are taken from the main story are used. i think the main story will have to be a saga to get the rest of the story.



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