Lore (project)

Task one

  • Build a strong basis for your story.
  • I choose Cinderella because i had just been working for a theatre company documenting their panto of Cinderella.
  • The moral of my story is everyon has their own agenders and most of the time nothing is as it seems.
  • The orginal format of the Cinderella story is about a slipper.

Task two

  • Im drawn to sci-fi more than the Cinderella story it self, i just wanted to use some character names and their morals, as in Cinderella being the main character and the having a caring nature. The two ugly sister aka universal guidence of light years (Twins for short).
  • I didn’t have 3 ideas as soon as i thought of the concept i knew what the story would be.
  • The idea of the story is even though people of importance have thier own agendes no matter what effects it has on everyone else. But then karma makes it right in the end. My target audience is the older person. I’m not really sure what my style is in writing, but i definutly sway more to the sci-fi genre.

There are some of my early art work, but i won’t be using these anymore. I’m using powerpoint for the presentation. As i said on my blog yesterday 07/03/17 i wont to use a pixelstick to make some animations but not sure so i will be testing that side of things out.

Task three/four

  • Is to write a synopsis of 150 words
  • What is my story about? Its the first part of story about betrail, greed and partnership.
  • Who are your characters? A state of the art spaceship (Cinderella) The twins (the ugly sisters) Earth council ( run by the wicked spet mother)
  • The set up! The conflict, The conclusion. I wrote the whole of the first part of the story on my blog on the 07/03/17 that piece of work is the first half of the story. i will conclude the story in my own time.
  • Setting the scene. it takes palce in space, in the future.
  • What is the rinse of danger. ok so the danger is the earth council sent the crew of the Cinderella on a mission to find a planet on the edge of the solar system, but the earth council haveset them up by loading a bomb on their ship, this bomb is to blow up when they reach the set destination. there is a twist to this part of the story.
  • Tidying up the loose ends. So when the Cinderella reaches the set coordinates there is an armada waiting, but they don’t know about the earth council double crossing them too. an aliance is made between the them and the crew of the Cinderella, But who are the armada? that will have to wait for the next half of the story.

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