My evaluation

What is the activity you are doing?

We are using classic myths or fairytales to use and make our own versions to make a interactive story. I choose to use Cinderella as my fairytale. My story is set in space and Cinderella and is a spaceship, with the ugly stepsisters are called the twin ships and the wicked stepmother is in charge of the earth council who are responsible for everytthing that goes wrong.

Why do you need to do this activity?

I think this is aimed at seeing how we use our imagination to create a piece of work, this required a lot of planning and creativity.

How did you complete this activity?

I started with the story, that was relatively easy to do. The story it self is made up of three parts, like a trilogy. I started by editing the pictures to use for the powerpoint interactive story. Making the interactive story using powerpoint was the hardest part, this isn’t my best work by far, i can see where i went wrong. I then had to make a stop motion this was aeasy part of the project. adding music to the stop motion was the next part before uploading.

What worked?

The story worked, the stop motion worked as intended

What did not work?

My interactive story didn’t work, i have never used powerpoint in this way so trying to make a interactive story was very difficult, the whole editing side using photoshop was also very new to me. I also tried to use a pixelstick to make the interactive pictures but this didn’t work i should hace made more time for this.

What would you do differently next time?

I would use a different programe next time to make a interactive story, i aslo need to make more time to invole the pixelstick.

What do you need to do now?

Make sure my work is finished and upload everything.

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