Final major project

Project proposal

My thoughts on the homeless people was ignorant of their situation and why they are homeless. I know most homeless look a state i.e Drunk and off their heads, reasons being they may have just given up on trying to better their situation. But there are some homeless that have sad stories as to why they are in that situation, and it’s them stories i want to hear and find out why they are on the streets, i also want to find out if they receive any help and what the councils do to help, if they help at all.


The concept of my project, i will use photos, film and slides with some individual stories from homeless people. i will reseach facts and statistics on the homeless people. i plan on having a 3 minute long video which will include photos and slides which will help educate people , the main focus of the project is to raise awareness for the homeless. i will contact different charities to get information on what is offered to help the homeless. I will also contact local councils to see what they are doing about this growing problem. i will search for local food kitchens maybe they can offer some more infomation. its time to stop being ignorant of whats right in front of us.


I will evaluate my project on wether i get the results i want, if i could finish the project and help even one person find more food or a shelther for a night that will show me that it was a worthy task and more can and should be done.

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