Production plan

I will allow 2 weeks at the most for filming and editing, i will make the music myself unless i find something that jumps out at me, but the problem using other music is the copyright so that could effect the final out come of my film. I will film in the day and at night so i can get the most footage possible to show the full extent of the issues.

I will take notes of different locations that way i don’t waste time searching, i have a rough idea of how i want my project to look and how i want it to appear, so depending on weather people agree to be filmed or not will depend on the success of the film.

The mood of my project is a very serious and dark piece of work, as its a very serious issue that needs to be seen, instead of being ignored. I will take my own photos all artwork will be my own, as well as filming and music unless stated otherwise. The project will be in black and white as i feel this will provide the impact i want to the  viewers.

I will make a list of locations i go to each time i’m out filming along with what i film and duration. I will also take notice of the lighting for each location, and what sort of activity is going on at each place. I should also check for limitations on the areas or scheduling issues. i will also check to see if there is noise concerns that will effect my sound recordings. Any photos or filming done before the final film will be just little snippets into what i want to achieve.

The theme of the film is dark and serious, the mood i want to come across is impact full and selflessness. There are lots of different locations and a few different elements. Each location will have its chance to put across its own statement of what is happening at that very moment. Especially that of a homeless person as their location and state of mind should make the point very clear.

The equipment i will use are as follows: A Panasonic 4k video camera, a Nikon d7200 and primes lenses for photo, and a audio mic connected to the person i’m talking to. Maybe some additional lighting if absolutely necessary as i don’t want the look of the situation being altered.

Editing software will be lightroom 6 for photos and adobe premiere pro for the filming.

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