Project on the homeless

As you walk around the homeless are in doorways and outside shopfronts, i can’t help but have no sympathy for drunks, coming from my background with drunk parents i’m a bit put of drunks. You could be walking next to a beautiful river, next moment you are among the doorways filled with the homeless. Some might think its selfish of me not wanting to help the drunk/drugged homeless people, but i feel that there are genuine people that deserve my attention. Is it not fair to help the genuine and needy people? I have done some research into a shelter i heard about apparently no one will speak to as they haven’t spoken to anyone. I will try though i only need a small amount of information. When out and about looking into locations i took pictures of the places where drunks hangout and nice areas just to show the difference between the different areas. I wonder if other people are just as ignorant as i was, what do other people think about the homeless?


So after emailing Porch light I’ve been told i can’t interview anyone, but i can email my questions to them and they answer them. I think this may be a waste of time. I hope other charities i contact will be a bit more open to sharing information.

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