Some information on apparently what the council offer.

If you are homeless or threatened with homelessness

We have a duty to provide people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness with advice and appropriate assistance.

This includes:

  • help keeping your current home
  • advice about your rights as a tenant or owner occupier
  • how to find your own accommodation
  • Where to get help or advice about support, money or legal matters


If you are homeless or threatened with homelessness you should contact our Housing team straight away:

If as a tenant your landlord is threatening to evict you without a court order or is harassing you with the intention of making you leave your home please contact us. My landlord wants me out Booklet.

If your landlord takes any action such as coming into your property without permission, threatening or harming you or your family or attempting to remove your belongings from your home this may constitute a criminal offence and you should immediately contact your local police station.

If you are a landlord entering into proceedings to evict your tenants then you should obtain independent legal advice.

The help we can give you will depend on an assessment of your circumstances:

  • we will normally interview you to find out if you meet certain legal criteria
  • we may come to see where you are living now
  • we may ask you to produce evidence and we may contact other people to back up what you tell us

When we have finished our enquiries we will write to you and tell you

  • what our decision is and the reasons for it
  • what your options are to help you decide what to do next

Emergency Accommodation

Emergency accommodation is only provided if we think you may have a ‘Priority Need’ as well as being Homeless.  Emergency accommodation can be in a privately owned guest house and some way from where you usually live.



Contact Housing

Tel: 01304 821199


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