Final major project

Personal project (unit 8)                                                                                                                       Terry Marsh                                                                                                                                           UAL level (2) Diploma in creative media production and technology                                       Department of media and communication Canterbury college


I have put the final edited film at the top so that when you get to the other edits its easy to know which is which.

Week one

In week one I came up with 4 ideas of what my project would be about. I choose child abuse, diabetes, homelessness and autism. I have some experience in all of the subjects, being autistic and diabetic myself they would have been the easiest for me, but I wanted a challenge and to push myself. I was abused and neglected as a child so that was the subject I was going to use, but thought it might not have been a good idea to bring up unwanted memories from the past so homelessness was the only sensible idea left for me. I used to help out at a soup kitchen, but that was only to benefit myself. As you will see if you watch my film, I was ignorant when it came to the homeless.

Week two-four

From weeks two-four I planned my project, what I wanted to be in my film, for example  different scenes who would be in it, how I wanted the interview to look. I decided on it being a black and white documentary style film. I also researched what charities offered what and to who. I emailed Porchlight but just got fobbed off after being told they will get back to me with the relevant information.

Week five


What is your overall area of concern, interest and information essential for comprehension of your intended project?

My area of concern is why are the homeless left to sleep on the streets and in shop doorways. Do the local councils not care that people don’t have their needs seen to? How many of the homeless community want the help to sort out their situation? I used to think that all homeless people were drunks and drugged up. But that isn’t the case, I want to learn the stories behind the people.

what is your project about?

My project is about trying to find out why the homeless are left to sleep in doorways and what their stories’ are. Why are they in that situation.

What is important about your project which will capture interest of the audience?

Part of my project is to try and find out why the homeless are left to fend for themselves. Shouldn’t every person have the same rights to help.

Project concept


  • What is being done about the homeless?
  • How are you trying to change your own situation?
  • Do you have a support network?
  • How did you get into this situation?
  • Why is it acceptable?
  • What help is available to those who want the help?
  • what charities are around to help locally?

Identify major elements of  your project. What are your  influences? What will you research? Who is your target audience?

One of my major issues is why is it acceptable to have people sleeping on the streets. Why are the homeless not treated the same (for example when illegal immigrants come into the country they receive everything, without even paying into the system yet the homeless are left to sleep in the streets, how is that fair? I will research what help is offered by charities and what is offered by local councils? My target audience is charities and people who are able to help.

Explain my role in the project.

My role will start with the pitch, I’ve already started the research, I will film and take pictures to add to my production. I will visit porchlight and hopefully councils to try and get information on whats out there to help the homeless. And when I have everything I need I will make my production.

Explain technique requirement of your project?

The technique I will use, for filming scenery, I will use my Dji mavic pro and a 4k camera for the interview portion of my film. My photos were taken on a Nikon dslr. I will use black and white colour for the film the film itself will be a documentary style.

Week six

Project proposal


My thoughts on the homeless people; I was ignorant of the homeless I thought they were all drunks and druggies. But that isn’t the case apparently there are some genuine homeless people although very hard to find. Most of the homeless are rude drunks, maybe they are that way because they have given up on trying to help themselves. I want to hear a story of a genuine homeless person and what help is offered to them.


The concept of my project, I will use photos with the story of the relevant homeless person. I will research different charities to see what help they offer to the homeless if any. I plan on having a film around 4-5 minutes long. The format my project will take is a video and pictures with a impact full message. The main focus of the project is the story behind the person. I will contact different charities to get information on what they offer to help the homeless. I will try to find out if there are any local soup kitchens or shelters. I am my own critic, i’m the ignorant person in regards to thinking all the homeless are all the same, so I need the answers for my own ignorance.


I will evaluate my project on if it makes the impact and punch I want it to, if I could raise just a little bit of awareness on the situation I will be very happy.




  • Why is it acceptable for the homeless to be left to sleep in doorways of shops and on benches? Some of them are rude drunks, some of them don’t want to be that situation, but find it hard to find a way out due to a lack of help. The purpose of this project is to find out what is out there and if the homeless that want the help, are they receiving it?


  • My strengths are Photography and filming


  • My communication with people will be my weakness due to autistic but hopefully this will help a little bit.


  • people may not want to tell their story and charities may not want to give me the information I need.


  • I want to hear the stories of how the homeless got into that situation and how the situation is being dealt with.


After doing some research I found out that a local church is being turned into a shelter for the homeless, so I will email to try and organise a meeting. Find out what is being done about the situation.

These are emails between me and porchlight

Hello my name is Terry, I’m currently working on a project to raise awareness for the homeless. I’m looking for someone to interview to get information from. And I’m also looking for a homeless person that would be willing to tell me their of how they got into that situation. I’d appreciate any information or time you can spare for me thank you.

(Chris from porchlight) Hi Terry thanks for getting in touch. Can you tell us a bit about your project- Who is it for and what are you specifically aiming to do? I can provide some information about homelessness but we won’t be able to arrange an interview with one of our clients, I’m afraid. Chris

(Me) It’s a college project, would a employee be able to be interviewed.

(porchlight) Hi Terry which college is it a project for and whats the course? If you send over the questions I will see if anybody is available, if they are busy, it might be a case of sending through a few answers via email. Hope that is ok. Chris

(me) I’m at Canterbury college, my tutor is Dave Turner and I’m on the creative media course. First question is ( what is being done to help the homeless?), (second question how many homeless receive help and what is that help?) and (third question what can we do to help the situation?).

(porchlight) I will see if anybody is available to speak to you. I’ll try and get back to you at the end of the day.

I didn’t get any reply after this.


  • What is being is place to help the homeless?
  • How are you trying to change your situation?
  • Do you have a support network?
  • How did you get into this situation?

Target audience

My target audience is everyone, we need to be aware of situations going on around us, and be a bit more selfless towards other people, and hopefully to give an insight to other peoples problems. Not everyone is able to control their lives and problems they get into.

Final question

  • My first question is WHY?
  • The final question is WHAT?

Homeless campaigns I’ve researched.

Youth homelessness campaign

If left unsupported, those who experience homelessness at a young age are at greater risk of becoming homeless and develop complex problems in later life.

Homelessness and health campaign

People experiencing homelessness are significantly more likely to suffer some form of mental or physical health problem. we are campaigning to improve the services that prevent and treat the issues.

Manifesto to end homelessness

Throughout the summer of 2014, we asked people who have experienced homelessness and the services that support them to tell us what the next government should do to make the biggest difference to homelessness. Their views are at the heart of lets make a difference, our new manifesto to end homelessness.

All information on the campaigns was found on the website

week seven-eight

Production plan

I will allow two weeks to  get the filming done, so I have more time for editing. Music is an important part of my film as I think it adds a little something to the value of the film. I will take notes of different areas, that way I don’t waste time searching, I have a rough idea of how I want my project to look and how I want it to appear, so depending on if people agree to be filmed or not will depend on the success of my project. The mood of my project is a very serious piece of work, as its a very serious issue that needs to be seen instead of  being ignored, I will take my own photos all art work will be my own. Filming will be my own. The colour of the project will be black and white to add to the dark seriousness feel I want to portray in this project.

I will make a list of locations i go to each time i’m out along with what i film and duration. I will also take notice of the lighting for each  location, and what sort of activity is going on in my selected areas. I should also check for limitations on the areas or scheduling issues. I will also check to check to see if there is any noise concerns that many effect my sound recording.

The theme of the film is dark and serious. there are lots of different locations and a few different elements. My shot lists are as follows; Dover town, the warren at Folkestone an abandoned house in Russell gardens. The equipment i used: a 4k camera a Nikon dslr and a Dji Mavic Pro for my ariel shots. I will use adobe premiere pro for the editing of the films. The photos was edited in lightroom 6.

Week nine

The homeless





As you walk around the town the drunk homeless people sit in doorways with their cups waiting for money. But coming from my background with drunk parents I lack the sympathy for the drunks. You could be walking next to a lovely river the next moment you turn a corner and you are greeted by drunks. Some will think its selfish of not to want to focus all the drunk and druggies but I feel that there are genuine homeless people out there that really need the help and should be entitled to it. I have done some research into a shelter I heard about which should be ready in a few months. When out taking pictures for my project I found a few places were the homeless will be at a certain time of day to be fed. I’m left wondering if its just me that is ignorant, what are other peoples thoughts on the homeless?





Week ten

My project


The first edit of my film was ok a bit long at nearly 7 minutes long. The music was too loud and the spoken portion couldn’t be heard over the music. It needed more than what it was with less in the film.

This is the first film.


The second edit of my film was a lot better, some of the drone footage was a bit long with not much happening until the interview, I also took my voice out of the film and added more one liners to the film for impact.

This is the second edit.

The second edit was very near how i wanted it, it was on the right path. But it still wasn’t there so subtitles was going to be added to a new edit as well as more impact full words to make you focus on the matter at hand.

This is the Third edit

The third edit is now having the interview taken out and being replaced with photos and one line of text taken out then that should be the film completed.

I’m very happy with how this project has turned out and very proud of my work. I think next time i make a film i will have much more knowledge of video editing. I gained a lot of skills in video editing. My reflection of this piece of work is that my eyes have been opened to the problems that the homeless face on a daily basis. Although I couldn’t find any genuine homeless people that wanted out of the situation, I’m more than happy with the film I have put together. This is my scrapbook showing the difference between the nice areas and the areas the drunks hangout. I hope this film has the intended effect. scrapbook        scrapbook

UAL level 2 Diploma in creative media production and technology, Canterbury college       Department of media and communication 2016-2017.

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