FMP on the homeless

As i walk aorund the town where i live there couldn't be more of a change in every few steps you take. one moment you could be walking next to a beautiful river with ducks and more hens, the next moment you turn a corner and there is a homeless drunk sat in a doorway. [...]

Production plan

I will allow 2 weeks at the most for filming and editing, i will make the music myself unless i find something that jumps out at me, but the problem using other music is the copyright so that could effect the final out come of my film. I will film in the day and at [...]

My two chosen photographers (Part 1)

These four images represent how i like to work, its the results of the inspiration i get from my chosen photographers. Skills photographers need An eye for what looks different (who wants to be the same as everyone else). Knowledge of their chosen equipment, be professional at all times and i think you need a hunger [...]