Final major project

Project proposal My thoughts on the homeless people was ignorant of their situation and why they are homeless. I know most homeless look a state i.e Drunk and off their heads, reasons being they may have just given up on trying to better their situation. But there are some homeless that have sad stories as [...]

Photoshoot at FSE with Pete hurst So this vlog is from a photoshoot with Falconry southeast at Qeuxpark. I'm hoping to do tutorials. I will need your help to get more people to watch my channel. If you see this vlog please like the vlog and subscribe to my channel please, please it will help millions.  

My evaluation

What is the activity you are doing? We are using classic myths or fairytales to use and make our own versions to make a interactive story. I choose to use Cinderella as my fairytale. My story is set in space and Cinderella and is a spaceship, with the ugly stepsisters are called the twin ships [...]