FMP on the homeless

As i walk aorund the town where i live there couldn't be more of a change in every few steps you take. one moment you could be walking next to a beautiful river with ducks and more hens, the next moment you turn a corner and there is a homeless drunk sat in a doorway. [...]

The Woodcutter. Media level 2

The woodcutter is in the woods collecting wood, to build a bonfire to celebrate the end of the Wolf, Gran and little red are waiting at margate beach to help build a fire to burn the Wolf. Many people have heard about the upcoming event and are gathering at the beach. In the mean time [...]

Location shots

The cliffs are my setting for my video, i'm hoping i get the right weather as i'd like to get some blown out sections and a cinematic look. i will be using either this or a loction a bit further along with a much nicer looking foreground. I'm doing two run throughs of the shoot [...]